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Local dairy farmers launch business in Clermont

By Katie Austin
CLERMONT-Six weeks ago Jennifer and Scott Glover decided it was the right time to put their experience in the dairy business into action by opening Mountain Fresh Creamery on Cleveland Highway.

According to Jennifer Glover, they had no reservations about opening a business in the current economic climate.

Glover said, “We knew that more people were wanting to buy locally produced products and wanting to know where their food comes from. We felt that the timing was perfect in our area.”

Mountain Fresh sells all natural, non-homogenized milk according to Glover. She said that the biggest challenge now is educating the public on the different way that Mountain Fresh processes its milk.

Glover said, “A lot of the older generation remember milk being this way, fresh from the farm and also the younger generation are interested because of the health benefits and wanting to buy local, minimally-processed food.”

With a grand opening celebration scheduled this Saturday, Glover said she hopes to continue producing high-quality products and to supply enough milk for the community. Glover said, “We have been in the dairy business for 11 years and wanted to offer milk from our farm to our community. We take such good care of our cows and have such a high quality product.”

The creamery has won Cream of the Crop awards from the state for the last 8 years, according to Glover. She said her family looks forward to Saturday with anticipation. Glover said, “Our grand opening is Saturday from 2 to 4 with [State Agriculture] Commissioner Gary Black being present.”

Mountain Fresh Creamery produces whole milk, buttermilk, all-natural chocolate milk, ice cream and will soon produce fresh butter.

Local grocery store chain J&J Foods sells Mountain Fresh Creamery’s products. Glover says that J&J has always been a great supporter of the creamery.

Glover said, “I think they understand being a local business that is family- owned like us, and they took us on from the very beginning.”