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Our Cremery

Our Creamery

Milk so fresh the cow doesn’t know it’s gone!

At Mountain Fresh Creamery, our all-natural, non-homogenized dairy products come straight from our farm to your family.  Not only do we bottle cream, whole milk, chocolate milk, low-fat milk and buttermilk – we also make our own butter and premium ice cream too! Containing no added hormones or antibiotics, you can rest assured that each of our products is minimally processed to taste the way that nature intended. Nothing is added or taken away; it is 100% of what our cows have to give you!

See how Mountain Fresh Creamery and Glo-Crest Dairy have grown over the years and how our award-winning milk is produced.

Low Temp Pasteurization

Low Temp Pasteurization

We use “Vat Pasteurization,” a process that heats the milk to a minimal temperature of 145 degrees to preserve all the taste, flavor and nutrients that milk has to offer.


The cream always rises to the top! We chose creamline, non homogenized milk because the fat particles are left whole, which allows the body to absorb it more easily. Because of this, most lactose intolerant consumers are able to drink Mountain Fresh Creamery milk and enjoy our ice cream.
Our Milk vs. Organic Milk

Our Milk vs. Organic Milk

Many believe that they are supporting family farms by buying organic; however, organic farming has to do with farm management practices rather than the size or ownership of the farm itself. While our milk is not organic, we are dedicated to providing wholesome, high-quality milk and dairy products. All milk in the U.S. is required to be tested to the same strict standards for quality, purity and sanitation. There is no nutritional difference in organic milk and regular milk.

Other Products

In addition to our dairy products, we proudly sell these other great brands in our creamery. Come enjoy their homegrown flavor!

  • Allison's Honey
  • Back to the Basics
  • Blalock's Country Sausage
  • Hillside Orchard
  • Jen's Elderberry Syrup
  • Jumping Goat
  • Kitchen of Dana
  • Mama Geraldine's
  • MFC Ground Beef
  • Milk Reclamation Barn
  • Nadine's
  • Nora Mill Granary
  • Sweetwater Valley Farm