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Mountain Fresh Creamery invites public to experience “fresh from the farm”

by MARY BOLAND on MARCH 14, 2012

Months after opening, Mountain Fresh Creamery in Clermont, Georgia continues to build a positive relationship with the public.  Owners, Scott and Jennifer Glover, invite Georgians and out-of-state travelers to learn what ‘Fresh from the farm’ really means.  “We try to communicate with the people that come in here as much as we can about our product [and] why it’s different than conventional milk,” stated Scott Glover.  Visitors from all over can experience the final stages of real-time production of high quality, farm fresh milk, butter and ice cream.  Although space is limited, the Glovers invite educational groups and the general public to stop in for a lesson in sustainable agriculture, not to mention, southern hospitality and premium natural products from the source.

Visitors can view the pasteurization process and subsequent packaging through a large window on site.  Welcoming staff explain the process occurring behind the viewing window, as well as the value of farm-direct products and added health benefits of non-homogenized and vat pasteurized milk, a system where the milk produced retains all of its natural properties and nutritional attributes.  Guests watch as freshly collected milk from the dairy is pumped into a vat pasteurizer and heated to 145 degrees.   Pasteurized milk is then pumped into a press for cooling.  After reaching 38 degrees, it is then loaded into the filler.  From this point, a conveyor system allows for filling of the jugs, capping and sealing.  Guests can also watch as ice cream is churned in the soft serve machine.  Various flavors of ice cream are made 2-3 days a week from 100-gallon mixes which are prepared approximately every two weeks.  A brief video is also available, offering a glimpse into the Glover’s Glo-Crest dairy farm where initial dairy production and milking occur.  Considered a beloved part of the family, a few heifers are on location at Mountain Fresh Creamery for the public to visit up close.

Recognizing the educational opportunity available, the Glovers encourage project interaction with organizations such as 4H and FFA from local and surrounding counties.  “We would like the public to learn more about local agriculture, knowing where your food comes from and the value of the products from our farm,” stated Jennifer Glover.  A robotics team from one of the local schools visited and found the creamery to be a great resource in their research for food preparation.  Additionally, Mountain Fresh Creamery will be participating with Wauka Mountain Elementary in ‘Feed my School for a Week’, a pilot program scheduled to commence in May by the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Education to foster a sustainable farm-to-school initiative.

Mountain Fresh Creamery continues to grow and connect within the community.  Older generations are reminded of times past and younger generations are introduced to a fun, first-hand look at Georgia agriculture along with the full flavor and nutrients milk has to offer.   With gracious hosts, a knowledgeable team and ‘fresh from the farm’ products, consumers can add another destination to Georgia’s list of must-see agritourism sites.